By anfisher - June 14, 2017

This summer, we will begin the rollout for the Look 17 website upgrade. This is an exciting new upgrade designed to enhance the user experience and highlight the unique stories of our organization.

We need your help to successfully transition your content to the new design. Here are three steps you can take to prepare your site for Look 17:

Update Content

Review each page of your site for outdated, duplicate and inconsistent information, including contact numbers, news or events. It is also a good time to address broken links and page errors. Your Business Analyst (BA) can provide you with report to help easily identity these.

Contact your business analyst for more information.

Establish Page Goals

Identify the goals or purpose for critical pages on your site. This can be done by completing a page goal template for your homepage and main section landing pages. The page goal template will help you identify the following key details:

  1. Page Goal - Brief statement of page purpose
  2. User Type - The primary user type this page targets. (i.e. Explorer, Information Seeker, Doer, etc.)
  3. Persona - Target personas in order of priority. (i.e. John Smith, alumnus; Jane Doe, international student, etc.)
  4. Message Priorities - Information you would like to include on this page listed in order of priority
  5. Keywords - List the main topics of focus for this page
  6. Special Notes - List important topics or considerations not listed above

Gather Assets

Collect all available assets (videos, images, testimonials, newsletters, etc.) to be used on the site now and for future optimization. These items can be uploaded and shared on Google Drive per the designated folder assigned by your BA. If there is a preferred sharing tool you’d like to use, please let them know.

If you have any questions or concerns during this process, please contact your BA for assistance or comment below.


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