By Vivian Chavez - January 4, 2016

We can already see the finish line, and we at the Web Center are heads down, plowing through the last wave of the interim. As we wrap up this phase, I want to briefly touch on one of the many benefits this migration brings to our LLUH websites; optimized page titles. They are an essential component of a page, but easily missed. In fact, page titles are one of the most important elements of a page for search engines to find our content. Page titles inform the search engines what our pages are about and introduce our sites to users in search results. Previously, we encountered various limitations with Teamsite to organize page titles to be as search-engine friendly as possible, and not to mention the tool was cumbersome for our content owners to navigate their way around….I know, this is news to no one. Drupal’s interface is clean, simple and much more intuitive to use. Happy to report several of our content owners are already getting familiar with Drupal and working with their content.

As we migrated content into Drupal, a high-level review of titles has been done. However, with the compressed timeline, we have opportunities ahead of us to further improve the optimization of page titles and content in general. With a user-friendly content management tool, we will be able to make continuous improvements to our sites.

So before I wrap up, I should introduce myself. I’m Vivian Chavez, the Search Engine Optimization & Web Analytics Manager at the Web Center. I am your resource to guide you in optimizing your site content for both, users and search engines. I also monitor our websites’ traffic, trends and user behaviors. Do you know how many users visited your site in 2015? How many of those users came from mobile? These and many other website metrics are available. With the new year upon us, I would invite you to inquire about your website traffic for 2015.


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